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Professional Tree Surgery / Fully Qualified and Insured / VAT Free

Kenny Stephenson Tree Care is a Herefordshire based Tree Surgery company covering Herefordshire, Shropshire and Worcestershire. We carry out all aspects of tree surgery, from basic pruning to crown reductions and large tree removals when needed, both domestic and contract. We are professional, fully qualified and insured. Our work is carried out to a high standard of quality and safety at reasonable prices.

Our Work

Reducing the overall volume and size of a tree’s crown, while maintaining the natural shape of the tree. It may be that you would like to keep your tree but you want more light in your garden, or you feel uncomfortable with the tree’s size given its proximity to your property. Typically we use a technique called drop crotching. This is where the arborist in the tree prunes to the most suitable growth removing the weaker leaders whilst ensuring a natural shape and balance is kept within the crown.

Crown thinning leaves the overall size of the tree as it is, focusing more on selected branches within the crown. These branches are often those that are either dead, crossing another branch or growing in to the canopy with no future. Crown thinning reduces the volume within the tree and with it the risk of failure in heavy winds whilst creating an evenly balanced crown.

To remove the lowest branches of the trees canopy creating a formal look. Often carried out on roadside trees, lifting is an effective and affordable way of increasing the light in to your garden or opening up a view once again, removing obstructive branches. Lifting is more often than not done as an alternative to a full crown reduction. When light is an issue but height isn’t.

Occasionally because of disease and other factors a tree removal is necessary. Removal of fully grown trees, especially in built up areas, is a hazardous task and requires careful planning, skill and foremost attention to safety. No matter if your tree is overhanging a property, phone lines, a road or what ever may be near by, the experience we have gained over the years dismantling trees large and small, gives us the confidence to offer a very efficient and safe service in this often challenging aspect of tree surgery.

Trees naturally produce deadwood as branches die over time. Deadwood in trees provides excellent wildlife habitat. Unfortunately for trees in built up areas this can pose a hazard to safety, especially if your tree is in a heavily used public area. Removal of deadwood ensures the overall safety of your tree, it’s health and its natural beauty.

Tree bracing is a system designed to give structural support to trees that have multiple stems or weak branches to reduce their risk of failure. The bracing systems that we use are non invasive to the tree.

Hedge trimming and shaping is a great way to improve the look of your garden. Whether your hedge is to give you a formal look to your garden or provides you with an element of privacy, we will produce the best finish every time, no matter if it’s a large leylandii tree hedge or a small beech hedge that needs trimming. If your hedge has outgrown your garden, we also do hedge reductions, reducing the height and/or width where appropriate.


Kenny Stephenson Tree Care and Garden Services is fully NTPC qualified and licensed to look after your trees and garden needs. Copies of certificates can be provided on request.

Tree surgery is a dangerous industry. Often we work in confined spaces and with dangerous equipment. We understand the need for peace of mind and our insurances cover us up to £5 million. Copies of certificates can be provided on request.

No, we don’t charge for quotations. We are more than happy to come and visit for free and answer most tree related questions directly and professionally.

As a professional company we perform local authority checks on each and every one of our jobs. We have been dealing with local councils for years and have plenty of experience on where conservation areas are and what is and isn’t allowed. Trees are sometimes subject to a tree preservation order (TPO). Trees are an asset and contribute hugely to an area bio diversity and also provide an area with a certain level of aesthetic appeal. Many village centres are within a conservation area and many old and large, or particularly important trees are covered by a TPO. We do not charge to do the planning applications/paperwork required to do work to trees covered by a TPO or within a conservation area. We are also aware and comply with any laws governing nesting birds, roosting bats and other wildlife habitat and seek to have as little impact as possible on the surrounding environment and nature.

Yes, we do! All waste generated by the tree work we carry out is taken away from site and responsibly disposed of. We use our wood chipper to mulch the arisings. If you would like to keep the wood chip to be used on flower beds, to suppress weed growth or on paths, we happily leave the wood chips with you. If you require the wood from your tree to be left for you to use as firewood that’s no problem either.


We are fully NTPC qualified and licensed.


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